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Mental Clarity for Your Health and Vitality
Mental Fitness for Your Life and Business
By applying behavioral science and choice architecture, Neuro Facilitation is truly immersive experience that allows to create innovative ideas, discover new opportunities, make better decisions, and foster emotional investment to successfully implement change.
The principle of facilitation refers to structuring and guiding dialogues and processes to help groups converse and collaborate more productively.
Neuro Facilitation – inspiring, provocative meetings for smart people to create space for reflection as well as inspiration for action. A whole new mindset for facilitation.
Conversations can save companies.
My approach to work is very conversational. If you’d like to set up a time to chat live, please email me or fill out the form below, and I'll follow up with you directly:
I bring 20 years of professional experience in business and wealth of knowledge in the creativity studies and communication sciences to collaborate as a thinking partner, trusted advisor and facilitator for the leaders and teams.
In my practice I blend neuroscience, evidence-based mental and emotional techniques, quantum physics, ancient metaphysical teachings, and intuitive knowing to ensure consistent results and quality.
I create meaningful experiences through design thinking, neuroarts, creative flow, and mind-body interventions – a proven system for lasting change and transformation.
My live events, coaching programs, and training systems will help you create the lifestyle and impact you desire.
  • Yoga for Brain
  • Neuro Fitness for Business
  • Neuro Gym
Practical and effective, this signature program is aimed to improve mental clarity, focus and concentration, slow brain aging, develop resilience, discover powers of subconscious mind to bring better insights and innovative ideas to fast-track your success.
  • Detox for Brain
  • Spa for Brain
  • Retreats
An evidence-based transformational program that combines art, psychology, and neuroscience, to look and feel young and healthy, regain resources and emotional balance, enhance mental wellbeing, develop positive, happy and enthusiastic mindset, vibrant relationships and joyful vitality to live far more satisfying lives.
  • Art for Brain
  • Bespoke Events
  • Art & Biz
A research-based practice that revitalizes, encourages creative thinking, activates intuition, improves focus and concentration, and provides a sense of accomplishment – a way of allowing life movement to resume.
“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”
- Lao Tzu
Sandra Dimitrovich.
Mental fitness and emotional wellness expert, psychologist and senior communications professional with international cross-market profile, working with CEOs, Board Members and senior business leaders of global corporations. 20 years in business.
* NeuroGraphica® Trainer, Neuro Facilitator, Psychology of Creativity Institute (Zurich).
* Transformational Art Coach, Aesthetic Coach, Psychosomatic Coach, NeuroHealing Specialist.
Expertise areas:
  • Faculty of Social Sciences, Master's Degree in Communication Sciences;
  • Faculty of Business, Management and Economics, Bachelor's Degree, Latvian State University;
  • Cross cultural communications, English language intensive course, The University of Texas, USA;
  • Psychologist, NeuroGraphica® Master Trainer, Psychology of Creativity Institute, Zurich, Switzerland.
I work with companies and individuals to help navigate through the transition, and thrive in the world of constant change
facilitation support for teams and leadership group events to find clarity, vision, and fresh approaches to the biggest challenges using the creative brain and collective genius
neuro design workshops and trainings to master new skillset and shift mindset to become fit for change
masterminds and bespoke events to develop creative thinking and meaningful connections, find energy and motivation to navigate transitions
tailor-made wellness retreats to reset body and mind
Anna Sokolov
Founder and Managing Partner
Global iDeals
Executive coaching and consulting for clients’ C-suite and strategic partners. Facilitating complex multi-party stakeholders meetings.
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Working with Sandra meant coming back to myself – effective and passionate, resourceful and inspired!
Return from sabbatical felt like mission impossible and yet here I am – stronger than ever!
I am back to working with clients and former students! They complement me for my new, original and creative approaches to business and strategic solutions. Sandra helped me integrate my professional experience with emerging, more potent understanding of what seasoned executives can offer to business and society. I already have initiated several projects, my mastermind and a practice community.
While working with Sandra I managed to restore my motivation to pursue high end strategic projects, some of them have been waiting for years. I was able to handle several critical conversations that led to positive financial improvement, increased levels of energy, so necessary to getting things done.
It had also renewed my reputation as mentor and seasoned consultant in the area of my expertise. My intentions are to take it to a whole new level – where my new creative approaches are now leading in the industry and becoming best practices.
What I appreciated in Sandra’s approach the most is her profound capacity to sense and to insist on arriving to my most important, most potent goals.
I am grateful for such results and looking forward to my continuing collaboration with Sandra, and tapping into the best practices in peer coaching: effective, to the point, next generation. Highly recommended!
John Kuder
Family Business Frustration Remover | Mind Model™ Coach | Profit Acceleration Strategist
Kuder Consulting Group
Florida, United States
Sandra brings a rare combination of skills, experience, and talent to the important work that she does with her clients. Her 20+ years of experience in corporate communications combined with a deep knowledge of many domains, from ancient wisdom to cutting edge neuroscience, enables her to bring a new perspective into any session. I found the combination of supervised drawing and her very insightful questions to be surprisingly evocative and comfortable at the same time. Her approach to conversing with the whole person, including the subconscious, is very effective.
I worked through a problem with her using the ‘Algorithm for Removing Limitations’ technique and I reached a resolution that I was unable to reach by simply thinking through the problem. Now when I view the drawing I made, I feel a sense of peace and I’ve nearly forgotten the details of what had bothered me so.
Lucy Morar
Astro-psychologist, nuno-felt artist, designer
Texas, United States
Sandra, many thanks for all those expertly delivered coaching sessions with you which guided me through such profound experiences and deep insights. I am feeling so positive and inspired now, after trying these amazing techniques and practices with you! With your help I have experienced a completely new perspective of my situation, which was the most important for me. Thank you for your creative mastery in helping me realize the value of my talents, and the ways of manifesting them into the world. I wish you lots of good luck, and great success to you and your clients.
Radmila Zinnurova
With special tenderness and gratitude I wish to tell you about my coach Sandra Dimitrovich. Even professionals need help, and I turned to Sandra for such help. Human sensitivity and vast experience in communications, an intelligent and subtle approach in conducting sessions by such a professional as Sandra takes you to the incredible next level.
The level of new understanding and feeling of my Essence, my true Self. It makes you feel like you are another world, the beautiful world of art, refined grace and elegance of human communication, and gentle filigree of the Master.
Coaching sessions with Sandra are a total immersion into her art gallery, while listening to the music of my soul, unlocking the magical voice that lives inside me. With a clear and distinct feeling that I am the creator of all these masterpieces!
I am eternally grateful that there are such people, creators, experts as Sandra Dimitrovich, who are able to show people their true inner potential!

Elena Vershinina
Founder of the Alternative School of Voice and Sound Therapy, psychologist, singer, voice yoga teacher, member of the International Sound Therapy Association
Miami, United States
I was Sandra’s client. Honestly, I did not expect such an effect, much less a result. An attunement happened quickly. Sandra instantly grasped my condition, carefully led the whole process. Most importantly, I was able to find solutions to my problem areas through... experiencing physical sensations in the body. I am a body–voice therapist, therefore, it’s close to me.
At the beginning of our work, I had a lot of doubts, unclear moments, where and how I manifest myself, there were a lot of questions about my business.
Feelings started rising, the process was unpacking in parallel with the drawing session. We went through feelings of fear, despair, doubt, and at the end of the work I felt completely different energy – soft, smooth, pulling, feminine, mine.
Discovering your blind spots is not easy. I would not have been paying attention to those details and patterns. Sandra gently guided me through several processes (I took several sessions) and changed my condition, which certainly led to making the right and reasonable decisions. Thank you very much for working together! I greatly appreciate working with Sandra. I highly recommend it!
Charles Otter
Vice President Resort Operations, Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa
Nova Scotia, Canada
I have worked with Sandra many years but her greatest support was when I was working as General Manager at the Radisson Hotel Group. Her advice, understanding and knowledge on communications are logical, correct, strategic, and her skills and strengths will add value to anyone that she is working with or for.
Gulnara Glazunova
NeuroGraphica Instructor, Mind Fitness Trainer
I wish to thank Sandra Dimitrovich for working with me on my request. I had to make an important turning-point decision regarding my next project, to understand where I really wanted to go next.
Sandra applied one of her favorite “Architecture of Reality” techniques, and it was a game-changer. We drew simple architectural objects, Sandra asked deep precise questions, and gradually an interesting storyline started unfolding on the sheet of paper, while a clear understanding of what I truly wanted was formed in my mind.
I realized how I really felt about each of my activities, and eventually was able to identify my key priorities. And what's more, I also saw how and with whom I could implement my project.
And I also wish to thank Sandra for her empathy and deep sensibility, the ability to ask those powerful questions that bring out the real state of affairs, uncover my blind spots, the things that I had not noticed myself, but they were really hindering me from moving forward. It was taking a lot of energy. As a result, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and I was able to take action, start my new project.
Sandra, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your profound yet gentle and very peaceful work!