– practical and effective, this signature program is aimed to improve mental clarity, focus and concentration, slow brain aging, develop resilience, discover powers of subconscious mind to bring better insights and innovative ideas to fast-track your success.
Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, and shouldn`t be neglected. Including mental dexterity exercises into your daily routine can help you reap the benefits of a sharper mind and a healthier body for years to come. Mental fitness means keeping your brain and emotional health in tip- top shape.
As the world progresses into the next normal, the quality of our decisions matter. Business leaders can`t predict the future, but they can plan to make better decisions during uncertain times.
Exercising the brain may help improve brain function, boost connectivity between the different areas, increase neuroplasticity, and protect the brain from age-related degeneration. Modern research has demonstrated that the brain continues to create new neural pathways and alter existing ones in order to adapt to new experiences, learn new information, and create new memories. The most successful people in the world have mastered their mindset, skill set, and action set by reprogramming their brain.
Ignite and unleash your brain’s hidden power and discover the fastest path to maximizing your full potential, so you achieve your greatest victories and successes!
“We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are.”
- Anais Nin
If you experience difficulties with concentration and memory, feel tired, and your thoughts seem to be hazy, your brain might need a fresh start.

YOGA FOR BRAIN is an effective solution and truly immersive experience aimed to improve mental clarity, focus and concentration, discover powers of subconscious mind to bring better insights and innovative ideas to fast-track your success.

The benefits of this mental fitness program are boundless, and include stronger problem-solving and decision-making skills as well as preventing emotional burnout.
This course allows you to overcome limiting beliefs stopping you from moving forward and growing on a personal and professional level, manage your mindset and emotions.

During the course you will learn effective, simple and easy-to-use practices that may benefit the brain by slowing brain aging and increasing the brain’s ability to process information.

Taking up a new engaging practice can be mentally stimulating and exercise the brain in new ways.
NeuroGraphica® is the scientifically proven graphic method of creating mind and body connections through a combination of art and psychology engaging your emotional and aesthetic intelligence.
NeuroGraphica® is a method of transformative creative drawing that forms new neural connections in the brain, inspires new thoughts and insights. Creating artwork enhances the connectivity of the brain at rest, which can boost introspection, memory, empathy, attention, and focus. Artistic pursuits help create new pathways and strengthen existing connections in your brain, leading to better cognitive function overall. (More: in Q&A section)
Program includes: 8 sessions
each session 90 – 120 min
Key approaches:

  • NeuroGraphica® ** – the art and science of creativity of the 21st century
  • NeuroDesign® business coaching techniques (including “Architecture of Reality” ®)
  • Cognitive-behavioral approach
  • Breathing exercises
  • Hand yoga for mental fitness.
As part of your program, you will also receive take home recommendations to help ensure you are able to successfully continue your mental health & wellness journey.
I will offer you a selection of targeted workouts for the brain, specifically designed to enhance memory, cognition, or creativity.
People are likely to differ in terms of the brain exercises they find most enjoyable. It may be a good idea to try a range of brain-training activities at first and to stick with those that provide the most enjoyment or reward.
This program is also perfectly suitable for those simply wishing to take time to nurture themselves.
You don’t have to be an artist to reap the life-changing benefits. Enjoy this tailor-made brain training to boost your memory, maximize mental agility & awaken your inner genius!
Clarity gives the power to channel human energy in a specific direction. And clarity of purpose defines the ultimate objective, the “True North” direction for the entire team.
MENTAL FITNESS FOR BUSINESS program is effective solution and truly immersive experience aimed to prevent burnout, improve mental clarity, regain your resources and emotional balance, and discover how to get your neurobiology to work for you rather than against you.
MENTAL FITNESS FOR BUSINESS provides need-driven thought leadership to your project, helps individuals and teams create radical new opportunities for growth, development and diversity. During my workshops you will create inspiring vison board for common goal setting – tactical, strategic and visionary.
So how mentally agile are you, your people, and your organization? Do you have the practices in place to help you not only get laser-focused, but to also keep the bigger picture in mind?

Mental agility indicates the ability to think, learn and quickly absorb new information, systems and processes, in other words, it stands for how well our mind can adjust to new circumstances.

The good news is that mental agility and creativity can be trained. It is a critical building block for success as we move into this next chapter of business and life.

Peak performance doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey that takes work. And we get there with something I call mental fitness — a routine of ongoing practice that cultivates the habits and mindsets to think, feel, and perform at our best.

All of my training outcomes are very specific and success is connected to the scientific approach to mental health and wellbeing. Mental and emotional wellbeing is an important part of holistic wellness, as it can impact our outlook on life, our relationships, and our health. As we march forward into this new world of work, devoting time to the development of your own mental agility just may be the key to thriving in turbulent times.

In this age of urgency and complexity, you don`t need to choose between slow and steady or fast and reckless. There are mature, straightforward ways to make high-stakes, high-quality decisions fast.

Twenty percent of organizations are already doing so. Those who aren`t yet can learn to excel at decision-making, move faster and better, and truly differentiate themselves and their organizations.
Our foundations have shifted; new norms don`t yet exist; old ones will fail us because they no longer fit.
What are the new norms, rules, beliefs, and values that will take us into a new, unknowable future? How do we operationalize these, and who do we include as we design new possibilities? Real change is the result of reprogramming our physiologic, chemical, automatic, neurological, and unconscious brain wiring. Unless fundamental changes to our beliefs and values, and new rules are developed, our systems are set up to continue doing what they’ve always done. It’s now necessary to enable new choices for new outcomes.
  • corporate trainings,
  • team development programs,
  • team building workshops,
  • vision setting and strategic planning meetings.
We’ll work with you, one conversation at time, to build events that truly engage people.

I believe effective communications is key to leadership, and in my facilitation practice I strive to create a positive and motivating environment that nurtures high performers.

When it comes to people, I am a strong believer in empowering people to take ownership of their success. If we learn to understand and influence ourselves first, we lay the groundwork for understanding and influencing others. Because leadership is mostly a mindset and a way of doing things.

The benefits of the program are boundless, and include clarity of purpose and mental agility – a key component in leadership and decision-making.
  • Getting clarity on the problem-solution equation / clarity of purpose
  • Visualizing your business /project/ success
  • Creating inspiring vison board
  • Developing stronger problem-solving and creative thinking skills
  • Discovering how your reference frame determines your success and happiness
  • Enhancing emotional wellness
  • Learning effective self-care and coping strategies that work for you and your team
  • Enhancing cognitive function, keeping your memory sharp and improving mental clarity
  • Discovering powers of subconscious mind to bring better insights and innovative ideas to fast-track your success
  • Developing positive, happy and enthusiastic mindset
  • Learning to form and prioritize new healthy habits to improve your performance
Key approaches:

  • NeuroGraphica® – the art and science of creativity of the 21st century
  • NeuroDesign® business coaching techniques
  • Cognitive-behavioral approach
  • Breathing exercises
  • Brain gym hand exercises for mental fitness.
From an hour-long call to run through thoughts and ideas to longer term structured coaching and consulting, I can provide insight and guidance support for delivering change and making difficult decisions.
1. MONEY RAIN – 1 day, 2,5 hours
2. TREE OF LIFE – 1 day, 2,5 hours
3. MANDALA OF EMPOWERNMENT – 2-day program, 2 hours each day
4. OPPORTUNITY MAGNET – 4-day program, 2 hours each day
5. WELLNESS HOUR – 90 minute taster session
10+ more custom-designed creative facilitation programs to grow your business.
From 10 participants to 30 participants in group dynamics.
NEURO FACILITATION programs are customised to clients’ requirements and can be run as a one-day, half-day or as 2-hour modules. All programs are based on neuroscience, cognitive-behavioral approach, paradigmatic analysis, psycho synthesis, and management theory.
Investing in the mental health and wellbeing of your employees isn’t just an investment in people. It’s an investment in your company’s bottom line. Profitability and personal wellbeing are fundamentally intertwined.
The World Health Organisation has upgraded stress-related illness to epidemic status—estimating that it’s the reason for 70% of doctor’s visits and workplace absences. In addition, research published by the European Network for Workplace Health suggests that for each Euro invested in health & wellbeing programs companies net an ROI of up to 5.9 Euros.
Why is this the case? Because investing in the health and wellbeing of your employees leads to:
  • Lower levels of staff turnover
  • Lower rates of absenteeism
  • Improved performance
  • Higher levels of morale and job satisfaction
  • Enhance job satisfaction with more engaged and energized team
  • Promote positive image for looking after employees’ mental health and wellbeing
  • Improve productivity, performance and motivation with this unique state-of-the-art practice
  • Unleash your team’s potential: find untapped value in the form of new insights, ideas and creative thoughts to achieve competitive advantage
  • Develop Creative Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence to ensure appropriate agility levels, adaptability, and flexibility, that meet market demand
  • Create inspiring vison board for common goal setting – tactical, strategic and visionary
  • Connect your distributed team around big picture goals: create alignment and ensure that everybody is moving in the same direction
Selection of research-based 1-day to 3-month group coaching and creative facilitation programs available – depending on personal and organizational goals.

My consulting services and customized solutions are tailored to your organization’s needs.

From an hour-long call to run through thoughts and ideas to longer term structured coaching and consulting, I can provide insight and guidance support for delivering change and making difficult decisions.

My approach:
It is critical to understand your organization’s current situation and challenges so I can identify the areas that can benefit from solutions. I bring a fresh look into your company’s core beliefs, values, behaviors, aspirations, and needs to tailor the solutions that will better fulfill your strategies and reach your goals.​
I’ll never lose sight of your goals or leave your results to chance. To ensure your success, I’ll apply proven, four-step process— diagnose, design, delivery, debrief.

Creativity is about so much more than brainstorming walls of post-it notes. We need to create space for reflection as well as inspiration for action.

Taking you one step closer to your goals:
During each session my clients explore their own specific case/issue/topic (instead of abstract case) bringing them one step closer to reaching their goals and achieving desired outcome.

I create events, offsites and workshops with more energy, challenge and movement. If you’d like to hear about a more thought-provoking approach, I’d love to talk to you.
Interested in learning more? Just send us a note, and we`ll follow up with you directly. We`ll use the information you enter only to contact you. For additional information, please see our privacy policy.
-Enhancing employee well-being and productivity in post-pandemic era
-Connecting to remote teammates and supporting temporary teams of varying sizes,
-Helping to encourage a collaborative environment considering emerging trends – temporary teams, virtual work teams, etc.
1. Making High-Quality Decisions in Dynamic Business Environment.
2. Facilitating Change in Unpredictable and Volatile Times.
3. Developing Mental Agility to Thrive in Turbulent Times.
4. Regaining Energy and Vitality to Reach Your Goals.
5. Building an Effective Sales Communication Strategy.
6. Mastering Sales Communication: Boosting Team Performance.
7. Building Resilience to Navigate Challenging Life Events. (Resilience impacts how you face challenges and how you think about the challenges you face)
If you think you aren’t in sales, think again.
Sales are the engine of any company, and it’s an essential skill no matter what industry you’re in. Sales communication is the art of exchanging meaningful messages that demonstrate a product`s value.
When it comes to communication, there’s more than meets the eye. At its core, sales communication is all about asking the right questions and listening closely to customers. That way, your employees will be able to better strategize when fine-tuning their message, building rapport, and not only closing sales but fostering brand and customer loyalty.
“The chain is only as strong as its weakest link, for if that fails the chain fails and the object that it has been holding up falls to the ground.”
- Thomas Reid, Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man
What is Financial Wellness?

To put it simply, financial wellness is exactly what it sounds like: healthy finances. You feel prepared to handle any financial crisis, are in control of paying off debt, and don’t feel stressed over your financial situation. But financial wellbeing does not end at having “enough” money and knowing what to do with it. The difference between financial wellness and financial literacy is that financial wellness recognizes that money is not an end destination; instead, money is a tool we use to live your happiest, healthiest, best lives possible.
Finance is one of the most common major stressors, and (as many of us know all too well) chronic stress can negatively affect your health and wellbeing. Financial anxiety not only affects your bank account or spending habits, but it can also bleed into other areas of your life as well.

Money is a trade system. You’re exchanging your life’s energy for whatever you want to make your life happier, healthier, and better. Think about it: Money is simply a tangible exchange for the biggest portion of time, energy, passion, and experience you put into your life. How you manage, invest, and spend your money not only dictates your future finances, but it’s also subconsciously sending a message to yourself about what your life’s energy is worth.
Emotional Wellness* Workshop is my keynote presentation that demonstrates the expanse of topics encompassed in wellness, including stress management and burnout prevention. You get to explore and discuss exactly what wellness means to you, your employees and your industry. The World Health Organization has described wellness as an active process of becoming aware of and making better choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth. (W.H.O.).
I help my audiences to understand what wellness is to them by opening up a conversation and allowing everyone to challenge their own ideas, beliefs and thoughts on what wellness is, challenging their current ideas and challenging them to make sustainable habit changes that will promote health and longevity that fits their unique circumstances. By getting your audience and client`s involvement in the whole health and wellness process will help them to learn and understand their wellness "WHY".
Workshops include Neurographic drawing, breathing exercises, and psychosomatic coaching.
“Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin
In business, creative thinking means coming up with fresh, new ideas, problem-solving and opportunity-finding. Creative thinking is the raw ingredient for innovation. Innovation is the purposeful conversion of ideas into a useable and useful solution.
Creative thinking for innovation has two key components:
  • Originality: The idea is something new that is not simply an extension of something else that already exists.
  • Functionality: The idea actually works or possesses some degree of usefulness.
To be creative, we need both freedom and constraint in our thinking. Sometimes, constraints are imaginary and self-imposed rather than real, or we may have self-limiting beliefs. It can be helpful to explore and challenge where constraints really exist, and where there may be more freedom than we think.

Whilst cognitive inhibition is really helpful for us most of the time, some of the information that we are naturally filtering out can be quite useful for creativity. We can learn to consciously turn our cognitive filters down to access more information for greater insight. How we do this is by changing the electrical frequency of our brain activity.

Normally at work, we are ‘switched on’ and engaged in active thinking. Our brains are using high frequency, low amplitude beta waves. To access a more relaxed and open mental state, we need to slow down the frequency and increase the amplitude of the electrical activity in our brains. These slower
frequencies and wide amplitudes are alpha waves (when we are engaged in relaxed, reflective thinking) and theta waves (a more drowsy state than alpha waves).

Research by the late Colin Martindale and his team shows that highly creative people access low frequency states more readily. The good news is that this is something that we can all practise and get better at.

If you wish to develop your own creative thinking skills and potential to make greater impact in your work, join my creative thinking and NeuroGraphica® masterclasses.
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Mental agility. Our brain has to absorb tons of new information every day. One of the most important benefits of an agile mind is the ability to learn fast, however, that’s not all. Here are some other benefits:
Emotional wellbeing is the ability to produce positive emotions, moods, thoughts, and feelings, and adapt when confronted with adversity and stressful situations. One of its foundations is resilience, which allows you to navigate challenging life events. Think of resilience like a muscle.
Emotional wellness is the ability to successfully handle life`s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times.
  • Evolved reasoning skills,
  • Greater comprehension of events,
  • Improved social skills,
  • Strong communication skills.
Here are some other benefits:
  • More efficient at work/home,
  • More organized,
  • Less stressed,
  • Open for new opportunities,
  • Easy to adapt to mandatory changes,