Sandra Dimitrovich

Thinking Partner, Experience Designer, and Creative Facilitator for the leaders and teams.
I help brilliant minds shine.
Hello! I am Sandra Dimitrovich, a cross-cultural communications expert and mindset coach to level up your impact, influence and income in a rapidly changing world.

Let me help you to discover your unique strengths and the passion that fuels you, make empowering choices, find your winning strategy, open the doors to new opportunities, and make success inevitable.

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ART FOR BRAIN: neuroscience-based approach to getting to YES with yourself, having a crystal clear vision of the future you want to create, navigating through the storm of change, and living the life you love.

Don’t Postpone Your Life Until Tomorrow!

I am the Founder of a private neuro facilitation and coaching practice specializing in mental fitness and emotional wellness taking an integrated mind-body approach rooted in science to maintain clarity, vitality and healthy longevity.

I bring 20 years of experience in business and wealth of knowledge in the creativity studies and communication sciences to collaborate as a Thinking Partner, Experience Designer, and Creative Facilitator for the leaders and teams.

My key focus areas are:
I provide interactive training and empowering coaching that measurably improves outcomes in three areas:

In my facilitation practice I use intuitive knowing with education and neuroscience to ensure consistent results and quality. I create meaningful experiences for my clients through design thinking, visually-kinesthetic modelling, and mind-body interventions – a proven system for helping deliver real results and transformation.

I have a curious mind with a passion for learning. I’ve studied Eastern and Western philosophy, various schools of psychology, conflict management and effective marketing strategies. My clients appreciate my ability to distill complex ideas into simple, useful concepts when the need arises. It helps them become more effective at what they do and to understand the world from new perspectives.

Finding ways to keep the creative impulse alive—in myself as well as my clients—is a perpetual theme in my studies and work with others. I believe we are all innately creative beings. Maintaining a sense of play and creativity amidst the demands of work and modern life is challenging, but it is essential for positive mental health and whole-hearted living.
The world is changing fast, but the value of fresh ideas, clear goals and the energy of the movement remains unchanged.

The three areas of primary importance are:
In an era of new technologies, overwhelming information flow, constant change, tight deadlines and pressure for performance, we appreciate new skills that allow us to develop our inner fitness, resilience and creativity.

Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, and shouldn't be neglected. Stress and anxiety have the potential to affect the physical structures of the brain. Information overload overwhelms the brain, it affects our mental health and decision-making ability. Maintaining youthful cognitive function becomes a crucial challenge in the new world filled with constant change and increasing complexity.

Our mind can be our biggest challenge and obstacle, yet if we manage it skillfully, it can be our biggest ally, helping us to reach new heights of personal development and work performance.
My passion is drawing neuroart and learning about life through travelling and enjoying the beauty of the world. It makes me realize that there is so much to admire and treasure. Seeing beauty is a skill for happiness.

Furthermore, I love the feeling I get when I explore new ideas, beliefs, and scenarios. I have been organising performances, edutainment and networking events with thought leaders, neuroscientists, art market experts and visionaries across different countries and cultures for more than a decade. And now, after years of studying art, creativity and psychology, accumulating cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in neuroaesthetics, neuroarts and mental wellness, I truly enjoy designing my own masterclasses, networking events and wellness retreats to reset and recharge in the most beautiful destinations around the world.
Throughout my career, I had accumulated extensive experience and skills in effective communications, leadership, and talent recruitment: from the Office Managers’ position at Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts pre-opening office in Riga, to the Director Corporate Communications at the Brussels Head office with one of the fastest growing hotel companies in the world.

Prior to starting my own business in 2009 I served as a Director of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, based in Brussels, with RADISSON HOTEL GROUP™ (formerly the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group) – one of the world's largest hotel groups with eight distinctive hotel brands, more than 1,400 hotels and resorts in operation and under development in 60 countries around the world.
After my 15-year corporate journey, I founded the BRAND COMMUNICATIONS – international boutique consultancy, specializing in reputation management and experiential marketing. I truly enjoyed organizing elegant edutainment & networking events: public talks and master-classes with thought leaders, wellness pioneers, art collectors, financial experts, and new era social media stars.

The team has been instrumental in launching, promoting and nurturing the world’s best-established spas and wellness concepts, in addition to representing a wide portfolio of award-winning international hotels and resorts as well as organizing bespoke events to our clients in Europe and Russia.

My client and partner list included: Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Lotte Hotels & Resorts, Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga, Atmantan Wellness Centre in India, ESPA, Mandara Spa, Société General L’Hermitage Private Banking, Ultima Private Banking, Gazprombank Private Banking, Russian Art & Antique Fair, Veuve Clicquot, Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Vienna Ball, Viennacontemporary art fair, Tihany Design, Stylt Trampoli Architects & Identity Consultants, Austrian Air, airBaltic, Visit Denmark, Visit Sweden, LiveRiga, Latvian Institute of International Affairs, Government of Dubai – Marketing and Communications Representative Office in Russia, CIS and the Baltic States, Swiss Medical Gate and Geneva Gate Medical Concierge, amongst other.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, I have continually faced my fears, followed my heart, and created numerous high-impact mastermind groups and inspiring networking events. Through my speaking, coaching, and leading creative masterclasses, I serve as a dynamic catalyst for high-profile leaders and rapidly evolving spiritual visionaries – including best-selling authors, TEDx speakers, psychologists, coaches, designers and more.
  • Faculty of Social Sciences, Master's Degree in Communication Sciences;
  • Faculty of Business, Management and Economics, Bachelor's Degree, Latvian State University;
  • Cross cultural communications, English language intensive course, The University of Texas, USA;
  • Psychologist, NeuroGraphica® Master Trainer, Psychology of Creativity Institute, Zurich, Switzerland.

Certificates & Training:
  • 2021 Neuro Designer; Neuro Structuring, Multifaceted Personality, Development Pyramid, Paradigm Composition Specialist certified programs; Psychology of Creativity Institute
  • 2021 Aesthetic Coach; Psychology of Creativity Institute
  • 2021 Elite Performance Life Coaching Standard™ & Certification program, CEPC, International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring, USA
  • 2020 Psychosomatic Coach, NeuroPlastic, NeuroHealing; Psychology of Creativity Institute
  • 2020 Neuro Designer, Architecture of Reality; Psychology of Creativity Institute
  • 2020 BoGoban Specialist, Paradigm Constellations Specialist; Psychology of Creativity Institute
  • 2021 – 2022 Alternative school of voice and sound therapy. Psychology and voice practices 2-year program, “Body and Voice-oriented Therapy”
  • 2020 – 2022 Body-oriented therapy seminars and Embodiment facilitator courses.

Member of the International NeuroGestalt Association
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